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Michèle Kaus

Maison des Artistes
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Dear Customers, Dear Friends,

Do not look anymore for the painting of Michèle Kaus in Honfleur.

Indeed after almost eight years of presence in Honfleur, rue du Puits then rue de l'Homme de Bois we close the Atelier Galerie.
We were happy to meet you and share with you your happiness in front of the paintings you were waiting to discover.

The notoriety of Honfleur, one of the capitals of the impressionism, allowed that of the whole world, of the amateurs of the painting of Michèle Kaus, could acquire her paintings.

Hundreds of you have pleased yourself: New York, Quito (Ecuador), London, Brussels, Frankfurt, Rome, Norfolk, Hawthorn (Australia),
Mountain View (California), Guangzou (China), Houston (USA), Doha (Quatar), Singapore, Toronto, Montreal ...
and of course all regions of France.

To change the rhythm of life we will use more the mail and the website.
There are always on the site paintings in presentation that you can acquire such or order your measurements.
We remain at your disposal and Michèle continues to create
her beautiful paintings.
The site will be enriched more often with new paintings.

Looking forward to seeing you again at the next exhibitions or other temporary exhibitions, and to read you.

See you soon, thank you for your loyalty.

L'Atelier Galerie in the rue de l'Homme de Bois in Honfleur will definitively close on 31st August 2017.

Michèle Kaus was born in Paris. She started painting from her adolescence and she attending several Parisian painting workshops while doing graphic art courses in the Conservatoire des Arts et métiers.
In 1994, afetr a long experience in Cartier, place Vendôme in Paris, she extended her taste for beautiful works and the elegance of the gesture in painting, and set up her workshop to be fully devoted to her art.
After getting used to different techniques,she became captivated by the work with knife tool.

Michèle Kaus would tell you " i prepare generous colors palettes, the material is smoothed with the trowel.I like working with original paste, feeling the material, wet and maleable".

She is a painter of Nature, the elements fill her enthousiasm.Her travels and her encounters are the basic of her creations which remain figurative and spark people´s imagination.
The beaches from La Côte Fleurie are her favorite subjects.
The sky and the light in Normandy, which attracted so many painters, don´t leave her indifferent.
Her creations sometimes convey the serene beauty of Vietnamese landscape or shimmering colors of Africa.
Michèle Kaus also resizes nature to put it into her own inspiration. She amplifies the radiation of the flowers to exhale their specificities and to renwe our wondermemt.
The light circulates and emphasizes the contrasts which give some relief.The artist sometimes takes the bareness to extremes: with a vigorous gesture, the subject is outlined on a beautiful linen cloth which serves as a background. She does not hesitate to push back the rules and conventions to remain creative.

Michèle Kaus lives in Normandy and exhibits in different galleries: Paris, Le Touquet, Paris-plage, Le Havre, Amiens, Caen, Le Bec Hellouin, Honfleur and abroad.

Her painting are often presented in auction rooms, she has also been appearing in Akoun quotations since 2000.

Toutes les images contenues dans ce site web sont protégées par les droits de propriété intellectuels détenus par Michèle KAUS.


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